Where parents can share goals, Plans, and achievements with clinicians, teacher, grandparents, caregivers, and children.


  • Virtual real-time management of clinical practice
  • Manage HR, credentialing, supervision, and billing intuitively
  • Dashboard management by case or by staff assignment
  • Intuitive activity calendar publishes treatment plan with easy caregiver feedback
  • Dynamic filters and reports allow anonymized filters for granular research
  • Automatic compliance graphing from all caregivers filtered by source


  • Manage online via secure HIPAA-compliant, dynamic, and intuitive case management and research platform
  • Create behavior analysis service plan (BASP), individualized implementation plan (IIP), and other clinical management tools via assessment tools /procedures
  • Intuitive data collection and dynamic reporting
  • Automatic graphing of compliance data collection from all reporters a filtered by source or group
  • Manage billing, credentialing, and supervision in real time;
  • Audit tool kit a all supporting granular data can be recalled instantly


  • Host and integrate datasets stored in any server, data center, or research institution
  • Special mapping and integration capabilities available for unique projects or customized research
  • Finally, a platform that can scale data for every child with autism in the world
  • Now dream up the research, and let the data speak for iteself


  • Add whole data centers, datasets, and files to autismU portal for secure, dynamic, and intuitive online research and collaboration
  • Connect with other medical and clinical institutions for joint research efforts
  • Customizable research and data mapping flexibility capabilities
  • Contribute to broadening the scope of public health information in the field of autism research
  • Enjoy efficiency of online collaboration and intuitive strategies that can accommodate all instititional data in a secure, HIPAA-compliant, comprehensive case management and research radar


  • Safe, secure, HIPAA compliant dynamic clinical case management platform created specifically for autism treatment and research collaboration using ABA principles;
  • Invite (allow) team members (professors, teachers, students, administrators) to the portal and only you give them access to compliance reporting privileges per HIPAA requirements
  • Create, review, and implement behavior analysis service plans for simplified tracking of skill acquisitions and behavior reductions. Report priority behaviors to team
  • View real-time dynamic graphs of skill acquisitions and behavior reductions reported by team
  • Hub style communication via Bulletin to all team members
  • Contribute to broadening the scope of public health information in the field of autism research with required consent for depersonalized data release


  • Data center hosting and integration
  • Share depersonalized data and contribute to public health research
  • Empower community in guided collaboration for targeted treatment strategies
  • Educate users on best practice solutions to maximize treatment success
  • Join the collaborative research movement in autism research


  • Mobilization of big data within HIPAA-compliant online research and clinical management program based upon ABA principles of behavior modification
  • Standardize collection and management of real-time research data for hundreds of metrics including demographics, behavioral, cognitive, functional, and physical metrics for granular z-plane research
  • Engage citizens in collaborative treatment and research data collection public health campaign
  • Increase public health knowledge and scope of autism-related research