Where parents can share goals, Plans, and achievements with clinicians, teacher, grandparents, caregivers, and children.


  • Multi-disciplinary reporting - now everyone can be on the same page
  • Child's dynamic activity calendar helps track clinical interventions and skill acquisition compliance that helps measure targets and reward success
  • Skill acquisition and behavior reduction feedback to clinical team
  • Issue badges and awards to child with easy to follow simple feedback in Activity Calendar to incentivize engagement and success
  • Dynamic database reports compliance to child's team instantly


  • Real-time dashboard view of plan and progress
  • Create a simple Behavior Analysis Service Plan (BASP), Individualized Implementation Plan (IIP), and other behavior management tools via easy to follow templates and intuitive processes
  • Intuitive activity calendar publishes and tracks skill acquisitions and behavior reduction plan driven by goals created in IIP
  • Guided and intuitive reporting generates core data for Quarterly Reporting (1Q, 2Q, 3Q, Annual) collected from all compliance reporters
  • Guide teachers and administrators with easy to follow "done" or "not done" - just click!
  • Flag priority issues quickly for expedited review
  • Guide public health information in the field of autism research


  • We built the research platform for you
  • Compliance by all reporters are automatically graphed by source
  • Uniform reporting allows public health value of collaboration
  • Dynamic data filters provide environmental, diet, medical, cognitive, social, behavioral, functional, and motivational metrics
  • Dashboard view of up to the minute collaborative data collection reported (real-time)
  • Timelines, Baselines, Treatment Data, and Phase Lines allow customized plan
  • Identify trends, best practices, and what actually works!


  • Safe, secure, HIPAA-compliant clinical case management platform created specifically for autism treatment and dynamic research collaboration using ABA principles
  • Invite (allow) team members (grandparents, teachers, doctors, caregivers, etc.) to the portal and only you give them access to compliance reporting privileges per HIPAA requirements
  • Control what personal health information participants in your circle of care can view
  • Control who reports into the circle of care by inviting users into the team
  • Add or delete anyone to your circle of care anytime (default expiration is minimum of one year from addition)
  • Data shared for public health research is filtered for anonymimity
  • Share priority bulletins and issues with circle of care at once
  • Consents page lets you manage security consents in one place
  • Intuitive graphing of behavior plan and treatment data published only to circle of care, then filtered to protect identification of user within layered collaborative research model


  • Reliably source reference material - we know many "therapies" claim efficacy: We show you where to filter it, and give you the tools to measure it
  • Online collaborative treatment model allows numerous disciplines to enjoy efficient delivery of services by maximizing data collection and minimizing reporting efforts
  • Discussion Board allows parents, clinicians, teachers, students, caregivers, or anyone, to ask and vote on The Question of The Day - Get a formal opinion from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to the question with the most votes. We think of it as the virtual kitchen table.