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Where school districts, educators, counselors, and administrative staff can assess, implement, and manage the behavior intervention plans (BIP) with live feedback and graphing to accelerate academic achievements.

Safe, secure, FERPA and HIPAA-compliant dynamic clinical/educational behavior management platform
created specifically for autism treatment (and other developmental disabilities) and research
collaboration using intuitive and guided principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Invite team members (professors, teachers, students, administrators, parents, etc.) to the portal
and allow access to behavior intervention plan for live feedback across environments.

Create, review, and implement behavior intervention plans for simplified tracking of skill
acquisitions/replacements and behavior reductions. Live reporting to entire team.

View real-time dynamic graphs of skill acquisitions/replacements and behavior reductions reported by
all invited participants.

Manage internship supervision and monitor with live feedback.

Contribute to broadening the scope of public health and education information in the field of autism
(and developmental disabilities) research.

Digital management of curriculum (Bachelor's, Master's, Graduate's, and Continuing Education) in
Applied Behavior Analysis and/or Exceptional Student Education, with live feedback from invited
students, including automated test scoring.

Digitize General and Community training modules and invite live feedback from participants. Revitalize
archived materials.

Management and remote supervision of internship program tracking (Bachelor's, Master's, and
Graduate's) in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Monitor Students and Interns while tracking behavior plan and feedback for one consumer during each
curriculum or continuing education course.

FERPA and HIPAA-compliant dynamic clinical/educational behavior intervention management and
reporting platform created specifically in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Dynamic data collection and research filters for three dimensional granular metrics and live reporting
across environments.

Conduct scalable studies inviting crowdsourced data that eliminates burdensome data entry.

Reduce scalable research to minimal cost while accelerating research.