Where clinicians meet to assess, implement, and manage behavior analysis plans with live feedback from the circle of care participants, to advance scientific research, manage ABA credentialing, billing, and comply with government and insurance requirements.


  • Intuitive graphing of compliance reported by activity calendar for instant data collection reporting via easy to follow feedback prompts
  • Dashboard manages clinical program within authorized services
  • Track badges, awards, and achievements consumer earns when first activities are done and credits are instantly published and graphed
  • Each click lets all caregivers report layers of of raw data for enhanced graphing
  • Manage billing, CEU, and credentialing compliance


  • Outline services for simplified strategies and continuity of care within dynamic intervention strategies initiated by Individualized Implementation Plan for consistent application by all caregivers
  • Data reporting consistency via easy templates in activity calendar distinguish routine activity from goal related activity compliance
  • Standardized reporting of raw compliance data provides powerful amplification of metrics upon which to research


  • Contribute to broadening the scope of public health information in the field of autism research
  • Platform can host all research data in your library
  • Integrate any file type to data resource


  • Engaging in a collaborative treatment and implementation plan provides unique opportunity to connect parents with family members, babysitters, clinicians, and all caregivers with the plan for success
  • All-hands-on-deck approach to uniformity and consistency in behavior plan empowers entire community
  • Strategies for simple plan to measure real world functional gains allows everyone to be part of team, connecting researchers with exponential raw data
  • Connect parents with relief and security in sharing